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Dj Vendetta

I am Dj Vendetta.. Vicious Entertainment..

I'm a simple person.. Success is what im trying to reach.. The road towards it has thrown me off many times.. But i still continue to somehow keep driving.. This past year has been filled with ups as well as downs.. I've taken big steps in my DJ career this year, leading me to meet celebrities and great networking connections, and also land a gig that will consist of me traveling nationwide.. I thank God for the opporunities that have been given to me, without him, honestly speaking where would i be.. I'm a humble man when it comes to my art (djing), I know I am not the best, but at the same time I know I am not the worst.. Not much more that i want to say.. But there is much you can ask.. Love & Peace..

Dj Vendetta's Background

Dj Vendetta's Experience

DJ at Vicious Entertainment

January 2004 - Present | Palmdale, CA

Spinning turntables

Dj Vendetta's Education

Highland High School

2004 – 2007


Activities: Djing

Dj Vendetta's Interests & Activities


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